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The philosophy of Conscious Hotels: Eco Sexy. Big smiles.

Eco Sexy. Big smiles. That’s the philosophy of Conscious Hotels. The Tire Station is the 3rd hotel of this green, sustainable eco-design hotel chain. You might not even notice some of the sustainable decisions because they just quietly get on with being kind to the planet in the background. The hotel also has an organic restaurant, an eco-patisserie and a meeting room.

As we have a hotel, restaurant, patisserie, meeting room and our office under one roof, we need to control who can enter which space and keep it all safe. Therefore we need an electronic locking system in which we can organize all different spaces dividing them into public and staff zones. We've chosen SALTO Systems because the system is modern, fast and flexible. That makes it very interesting for us. 

We are using the offline access control solutions from SALTO combined with several online points. Only the room locks have a privacy feature, to offices and other normal doors we used standard escutcheons or GEO cylinders. For upcoming hotels we are considering the SALTO Mobile functions via Bluetooth.

All our access is now organized from one central point with SALTO. We’re a hotel offering many different facilities, that requires flexibility in access management. The SALTO system helps us to quickly react in our dynamic environment. 

‘’Easy, safe and quick access to get in and out of the rooms, that’s what we like about the SALTO system. Otherwise it would be a pretty long stay and we’re not an escape room, you know.’’ 
Jan Sistermans – Head of Operations Conscious Hotels