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SALTO Systems unique new networked lock set can be used for a huge range of access control applications. It's the first RFID system that can be upgraded at any time.

You choose the level of security control you need.

SALTO has the options you need to find the right solution for the present and that can still grow with you in the future. From a simple self-programmable system that needs no computer to manage it, through a highly capable mid-range ROM system or up to the data-on-card SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) system that allows you to control all the doors in an entire building or group of buildings from a single PC, SALTO has what you need.

Self-programmable access control system
Unlike mechanical locks where if the keys are lost you have the expense and inconvenience of replacing all the affected locks and keys - with the SALTO XS4 self-programmable system you just delete the missing key from the system and issue a new one to the user. It's that simple.

ROM access control system
If you need a higher level of control over who is entering your building and when, the SALTO XS4 ROM system is the answer. It provides all the benefits of a stand-alone access control system in a compact, cost-effective package.

No complicated wiring or other intrusive work is required and you can continue to use your existing mortise locks, thereby reducing installation cost. In addition, ProAccess ROM software can be customized to suit your needs so you can add users and doors, user groups and zones and set time periods and opening modes that instruct the door to lock or unlock automatically as needed.

Data-on-card access control system
SALTO's data-on-card access control system is designed for use in larger buildings and enables users to work in a wire-free environment eliminating the need for hard-wiring. This means a faster, more cost-effective and straightforward installation.

Data-on-card technology allows you to control your entire building remotely and in almost real-time performance thanks to the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN). This advanced software system allows stand-alone locks to read, receive and write information via its operating smart cards or 'intelligent' keys. This data is captured from the cards at SVN online update points located at strategic points around the building. The uploading of information received at the update points happens in real-time so that the system administrator is able to keep the system operating at virtually real-time performance levels.

Wireless real-time access control system
Imagine being able to control all the doors in a building from one central location with just the click of a mouse. Imagine being able to monitor your access network, delete key cards and download audit trail information all in real-time. Imagine being able to do all of this without wires. SALTO was the first company to develop electronic access control without the need for expensive hard-wiring with our SVN data-on-card technology. And with its online and real-time Wireless technology, SALTO's XS4 platform enhances the usability of virtually every building environment by securing a vast range of access points and enabling the monitoring and control of every user.

And since SALTO is scalable, as your access control needs grow, any of these SALTO systems can be upgraded at any time to a more complete access control system without having to change out the existing door hardware.