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Advanced SALTO access control solution secures No Man's Fort

Tuesday 11 August 2015

A mile offshore from the Isle of Wight, appearing to float in the Solent, you can find one of Britain's most unique Victorian structures. Built between 1867 and 1880, No Man's Fort has recently been re-launched as a luxury hotel and party venue by AmaZing Venues, part of the Clarenco Group.

Originally designed to house 80 soldiers defending the country from possible invasion, AmaZing Venues has turned it into a unique get-away destination. It has 22 luxury bedrooms, a dining room that can seat 200 people, games rooms, laser battle arena, an outdoor terrace with a sun deck, a hot tub, a sauna, and of course, a parking space for your helicopter!

SALTO Systems partner Lock-Tech Systems was proud to be employed to design and install the hotel access control system for this exciting new project. The client was particularly concerned about providing a feature rich technical solution that was in keeping with the aesthetics of the doors inside the fort. 

To meet this specification, Lock-Tech selected the SALTO Ælement electronic locking system, which provides all the features of SALTO's award-winning access control, with the ability to incorporate the uniqueness of the client's existing door handles.

Ælement has been developed with the needs of hotels in mind and features a range of hospitality-specific applications, including the ability to control the security of the entire hotel from a single location. This includes granting access privileges to individual guest rooms and gathering audit trail data from every door in real time ' all without leaving the front desk. 

Other benefits for the hotel include instant room move and instant extended stay abilities, as well as lost card cancellation, intrusion alarm, door ajar alarm, remote opening, real time audit trail, passage mode activation for meeting rooms and automated low battery reporting. This technology gives the hotel the ability to continuously upgrade its security without having to upgrade the locks, saving long term operating costs while providing what they need most ' total control.

'This project stood out for me because of the logistics involved in just getting to site,' says Lock-Tech Systems Manager Anthony Harvey. 'A helicopter may have come in handy at times to be honest! Despite the logistical challenges, our team pulled together and delivered a system that exceeded the customer's expectations and I'm sure will continue to do so for many years to come.'

Phil Harvey, Lock-Tech MD, added: 'This project demonstrated Lock-Tech's ability to meet a customer requirement no matter how difficult or impossible the task may seem. We look forward to continuing to work with AmaZing Venues on any of their exciting future developments.'