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SALTO Systems S.L aquires Entry Systems AS

Friday 17 November 2017

SALTO Systems, one of the market leaders in electronic locking, has signed an agreement to aquire Entry Systems AS in Norway, in it´s strategy in strengthening it´s position in the Nordic Hospitality market.

With primary focus on the hospitality market, Entry Systems AS has been a long time Partner to SALTO Systems AS in Norway  Since its founding in 1986, Entry systems AS has created a big consumer experience through different features for the hospitality and shipping market with specifications, installations and support of electronic locks, hardware and software integrations.

Entry Systems, based in Moss near Oslo, currently employs 4 people within sales and technical support. Dag Nyrud, Managing director at  Entry Systems AS today, has been appointed Sales Director Hospitality Nordic and will be responsible for the hospitality business in the Nordic countries in close cooperation with local sales Teams and SALTO partners such as locksmiths and security companies. Entry Systems technical support team will be a part of SALTO Nordic support team.

“We are very happy to announce today this investments in a great team with many years experience within the hospitality market. The Nordic region is showing great potential for SALTO as it recognizes the added value our systems provide to the Hospitality customers. Therefore Entry Systems is an ideal fit to our plans for the region “ says Jesper Buch, Managing Director SALTO Nordic.

“We have always admired SALTOs focus on different customer needs, design and innovative solutions” says Dag Nyrud. “We look forward to join SALTO Nordic team."

SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems provides innovative access control solutions that give customers the reliability and security they need. Based in Oiartzun (SPAIN), SALTO’s customers include airports, hospitals, government buildings, military bases, colleges, hotels and more. SALTO is the selected access control option on over 3,000,000 doors worldwide.

Entry Systems AS

Entry Systems provides complete accesscontrol solutions for the hospitality business including SALTO hardware and software, integrations to bookingsystems and facility systems. For more information regarding SALTO Hospitality, visit