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ProAccess SPACE Sofware

The SALTO ProAccess range of software has been developed to allow users to make the most of an installation's access control. With SALTO software, system operators can easily manage large numbers of doors and users with outstanding flexibility thanks to all the options in zones, access levels, calendars, time periods and time zones, and more. ProAccess has always been designed to be user-friendly while including a host of advanced features, and with the latest addition of ProAccess SPACE, usability and flexibility have been taken to a new level. Importantly, SPACE follows SALTO's scalable philosophy such that even current SALTO customers with ProAccess or HAMS software can upgrade easily to SPACE in order to take advantage of SPACE's additional features and usability.


ProAccess SPACE

El software web ProAccess SPACE de SALTO, aporta un nuevo y potente nivel de flexibilidad al control de accesos. De esta manera, los usuarios pueden solicitar las funciones que más necesiten y actualizar de acuerdo al crecimiento y nuevas necesidades del sistema. Junto con el gran número de nuevas funciones, SPACE, cuenta con una moderna interfaz fácil de usar que ayuda a los usuarios a buscar y trabajar con dichas funciones de modo fácil e intuitivo.