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SALTO launches revolutionary SVN-Flex access control technology at ESSEN

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Taking place at MESSE ESSEN, 25-28 September, SALTO is in the Hall 3 Booth 3D120.

SVN-Flex provides access management with increased security, more convenience and at lower cost. It makes hard-wired update points obsolete, thus introducing completely wire-free access control with online functionalities.

It provides a range of benefits to operators and end users, especially by removing the need to go to specific doors or locations to update cards. Now users can update their access rights anytime and anywhere as any wireless door can be activated as an SVN-Flex updater.

SVN-Flex is based on two core technologies, the SALTO Virtual Network and SALTO BLUEnet. Since all new SALTO escutcheons are equipped with Bluetooth for mobile access, SVN-Flex combines the SVN and BLUEnet in such a way that the updated access rights can now be transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth to defined escutcheons and cylinders.

SALTO has also strengthened its position as the cloud access market leader with additional functionality in its SALTO KS app. With a SALTO BLE lock, SALTO KS end users can now select a floating button in the app and just tap their smartphone onto the lock to securely open a door. It enables their smartphone to operate as a tag, opening the lock without the need for an active internet connection; making Mobile Key as secure and easy to use as a physical tag.

Other innovations at the show include the new XS4 One DIN. This is a new version of the electronic escutcheon, and can be mounted on a wide variety of doors without wiring, drilling or complicated retrofitting. By using the existing rosette holes (DIN), it is also suitable for use on fire and smoke protection doors without compromising their certification.

Joining this are two new products for the Danalock platform. Danabridge is a gateway for real-time control of Danalock. It enables remote openings or the ability to see the battery status of the Danalock in real-time from anywhere.

Danapad, meanwhile, is an easy-to-install, wireless, smart access keypad that enables homeowners and businesses to manage secure access for deliveries, contractors, cleaning and pet services, as well as for those without a smartphone or access to the smart home system such as children, elderly residents, visitors or guests.