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SALTO Systems launches new hospitality website

Monday 21 November 2016

Created exclusively for the hospitality industry’s access control needs and requirements, the new website aims to cover the broad spectrum of access control within the hospitality sector.

It provides hoteliers worldwide with a reliable, concise and clear understanding of the solutions SALTO Systems provides for the sector.

“SALTO Hospitality will serve as a focal point for in-depth analysis of the products and services on offer to satisfy the wide-ranging and fast changing requisites posed by the industry, moreover the website will provide a useful platform for clients to gain a critical understanding of SALTO’s Hospitality solutions to solve the broad issues faced by hotels, from security and safety through to optimizing guest experience with efficient, cost effective and trustworthy solutions” says Rob Zijl (VP Hospitality Access Solutions)

Conceptually, SALTO Hospitality is a user-friendly website. Divided into generic sections with the ‘Intelligent Locking System’ section looking at SALTO’s core technology and exploring our access control DNA, while the ‘Electronic Hotel Locks’ section is dedicated to explaining specific advantages our products provide from a managerial perspective. The ‘Solutions’ segment aims to clarify the suitability of our solutions for specific hotel types, large and small, luxurious to affordable. The website also features contact forms and information of where our products and services will be showcased at trade shows around the world.

“The intuitive design approach to the site is meant to give users a realistic view of how our solutions work; it is also worth mentioning the websites innovative customization capability allowing potential clients to see how our products would look, letting customers experiment with different finishes and models” comments Borja Ganzarain (Marketing SALTO Systems).

We actively encourage you to visit the website
and hope you enjoy finding out more about how SALTO can add value to your hospitality businesses operations.