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SALTO smart access control helps Swansea University secure its growth

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Swansea University’s ambitious Campus Development Programme has seen the site effectively double in size necessitating a corresponding upgrade in the way the campus and its many doors are protected and secured.

The programme is designed to capitalise on the University’s growing research expertise and interactions with major international knowledge based companies, and means Swansea has become a dual campus University.

Its original Singleton Park Campus has already seen significant refurbishment of its 47 acre estate and over the next few years will realise even further transformation. This has been joined by the magnificent buildings, squares and quadrangles of the new 65 acre Bay Campus. Located right on the beach on the eastern approach to Swansea, it has the distinction of being one of the few global universities with direct access onto a beach and its own seafront promenade.

The student experience at Swansea is at the heart of the University’s expansion plan. Upgrading the Singleton campus and constructing Bay Campus provides them with space for growth, enabling them to deliver exciting new facilities for students and staff including teaching, residential, social, study and research space.

With the Bay Campus being new build, access control for this part of the campus was not a problem as they would be fitting a new system in place from the word go. On the existing Singleton campus however they were using a traditional keyed system so the task was to find a product to replace this so both campuses could run on a single access control system.

Steve Rossiter, Key Accounts Manager for SALTO Systems, says “Once we explained to Swansea how SALTO is in use around the world in educational environments including Universities, Colleges and Schools providing security, access control and campus management they wanted to know more.

Demonstrating SALTO’s ability, we showed how it would be simple and quick to retro-fit existing doors at Singleton (as well as install new product into Bay) to control access, download audit trail information, delete users remotely and securely, lock and unlock doors remotely as required and collect lock battery status for maintenance and more. This subsequently led to SALTO being selected for use on site and to date we’ve installed our XS4 escutcheons and GEO cylinders to 5503 doors across campus and fitted associated controllers and wall readers in appropriate places.”

A spokesperson for Swansea University comments “So far we’re pleased with the technical ability of the SALTO product. Having access control that is reliable is critical for our security needs. We like the ease of use and capability that SALTO gives us as it helps us get maximum benefit from the technology whilst providing a secure environment on both Singleton and Bay campuses for all our students and staff.”