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Rainforest retreat secures guest accommodation with SALTO

Rainforest retreat secures guest accommodation with SALTO

Thursday 14 April 2016

Nestled within World Heritage listed Lamington National Park, in Australia's Gold Coast Hinterland, O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat has secured its guest room and villa accommodation with SALTO access control.

The perfect place to escape to relax, revive and rejuvenate, the retreat allows visitors to experience the magic of the subtropical Australian rainforest as well as fresh mountain air, crystal clear creeks and breathtaking sunsets.
The spacious location comprises 66 rainforest retreat accommodation rooms and 48 self-contained luxurious eco villas. The retreat was operating a magstripe access control system but wanted to upgrade and replace this with a more modern, reliable and robust locking system that was both easy for guests and staff to use, and would not be effected by the environment surrounding the property.
The Manager at O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat, Jane O'Reilly, says “All of our room locks throughout our property are exposed to the elements and our older magstripe style lock readers were failing constantly. This gave us the incentive to upgrade and since changing to SALTO we’ve not had any failure problems as the contactless readers are better able to cope with our climate.”

Hayden Flett, Business Development Manager SALTO Systems Australia, comments “We’ve fitted XS4 offline escutcheons to 115 doors at the retreat, as well as a quantity of CU5000 offline controllers, via our local dealer FRANK Secure and these now give Jane, her staff and their guests a smart, modern and reliable access control system.”

“The central objective of any hotel’s security system should be to provide a convenient, comfortable, safe and secure experience for guests throughout their stay. That’s what SALTO does. It takes care of property security, as well as streamlining and maximizing staff management activities. It controls and manages who can open which doors at which times and controls rights to who goes where and when, and creates an audit trail while doing so” adds Flett.

Jane O'Reilly concludes “What I really like about our new SALTO system is that it provides reliable easy access to all rooms and villas throughout our property for our guests. Individual lock history and other security functions of the system give us excellent management information if required, and the availability of remote access troubleshooting was extremely attractive given our remote location!”