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Canberra Grammar School upgrade to State-Of-The-Art technology from SALTO

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Situated in the nation’s capital, Canberra Grammar School caters for 950 students in Senior School Years 7 to 12, while the Primary School hosts 650 students from Pre-School to Year 6. The School’s Northside infant’s campus in Campbell serves an additional 100 students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2.

During recent refurbishment works, local SALTO dealer CLASS Locksmiths worked with the school and its construction company to determine the best security solution to meet their needs. They then supplied, installed and commissioned several on line controllers in addition to rolling out SALTO wireless solutions to other parts of the school.

Jim Fisher, Special Keying and Projects Manager for CLASS Locksmiths, said” We have had a relationship with Canberra Grammar School for nearly 20 years providing mechanical locking solutions and installation, repairs and maintenance to the school locking systems. This latest commission has seen us augment the school’s existing mechanical key system with a modern fully integrated SALTO wireless solution to meet their changing security requirements.”

The school now has some 50 doors in total secured by SALTO’s XS4-40 narrow body escutcheons in a mix of RF online and offline models, linked with CU50ENSVN online controllers. These provide SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) capabilities enabling the schools contactless key cards – which can also be used to operate the photocopy machine - to be automatically updated with the latest changes to the school access plan.

They record the user audit trail into the PC and provide advanced information on door battery status. They also continually update the cancelled contactless key card blacklist simply by staff using their cards on the school network, distributing the latest access information throughout the building via the offline stand alone locks.

Services Manager at Canberra Grammar School, Melissa Kenney, says “So far we’re pleased with our SALTO access control system. It’s a great product that suits our needs giving us control over who has access to what, where and when. We particularly like its ease of use and versatile wireless technology, especially its ability to lockdown areas quickly if we have to.”