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Marist College Canberra installs SALTO wireless access control solution

Monday 04 April 2016

Marist College Canberra is an all-boys independent Catholic school for Year 4 – 12 pupils and located in the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra.

The College was having increasing problems with its mechanical keyed system. With different keys for different buildings and classrooms which, over the years, had caused problems by sometimes being lost or misplaced, it was decided to upgrade security to a contactless electronic access control solution.

Christine Worth, Business Manager at Marist College, comments “Controlling access was getting difficult and I knew that far more secure, efficient alternatives were available. Security of our perimeter and class room doors was my main concern and it was vital that any new system could efficiently control who could access these and when they could do so. We also needed the ability that if an access card was lost – or worst stolen – it could be instantly deleted without any need to rekey or change locks.”

“We looked at several suppliers whittling our final choice down to two manufacturers. It was after a presentation by local security specialists API Locksmiths that we knew that their recommendation of the SALTO Systems XS4 solution was the way to go” Worth said.

James Stephen, Service Manager at API Locksmiths, takes up the story. “Once we explained to the College how SALTO is in use around the world in educational environments including Universities, Colleges and Schools providing security, access control and campus management they wanted to know more. A demonstration of SALTO’s ability to control access, download audit trail information in real time, delete users remotely and securely, lock and unlock doors remotely and collect lock battery status for maintenance sealed the deal and we’ve since installed 100 SALTO online RF escutcheons throughout the College.”

The SALTO XS4 wireless system is an online, real-time access control system that uses RFID radio frequency technology to communicate with an access control database. The wireless functionality provides the control and flexibility of a hard-wired access control system, without the costs and complexity associated with hardwiring each door. If the radio link is ever interrupted or breaks down, the system will continue to work, as the virtual network of the battery-operated escutcheons and cylinders remains operative through the SALTO Virtual Network.