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SALTO secures Tabakalera International Center for Contemporary Culture in San Sebastian, Spain, housed in an architecturally significant former tobacco factory.

SALTO secures new Tabakalera International Center
SALTO secures new Tabakalera International Center
SALTO secures new Tabakalera International Center
SALTO secures new Tabakalera International Center
SALTO secures new Tabakalera International Center
SALTO secures new Tabakalera International Center
SALTO secures new Tabakalera International Center
SALTO secures new Tabakalera International Center

Monday 25 January 2016


The new Tabakalera Cultural Center is a state-of-the-art facility intended as a place for both artistic production and education. The main goal of Tabakalera's cultural project is to promote the creation of contemporary culture in different creative fields as well as to generate and share knowledge through a variety of public programs.

The complex serves as headquarters for several local cultural institutions Kutxa Kultur, the Basque Cinemathèque, the San Sebastián International Film Festival, the Etxepare Basque Institute, and in 2016, as the centerpiece for the celebrations and exhibits marking San Sebastian’s yearlong tenure as the designated European Capital of Culture, an important initiative launched in 1985 that highlights the richness and diversity of cultures in Europe.


The historic main edifice of the Tabakalera building, is a massive rectangle measuring 113×75 meters (370x246’) and constructed during the early 20th century. It occupies one of the largest tracts of land in the city and contains hundreds of access points.

The stunning new interior features exhibition halls, a multi-purpose plaza, multi-purpose hall, theatre, library, cafeteria, restaurant, media labs, spaces for art creation, and administrative offices for multiple cultural enterprises, a residence for artists, and a hotel.

This complexity of uses requires a security system that utilizes the latest in keyless building management technology to ensure both security and maximum efficiency and that can provide flexible and reliable access around the clock, every day of the year.

  • Create a keyless building with a stand-alone, battery-powered, smart access control system.
  • Eliminate the need for fully wired infrastructure and the hard-wiring of each door.
  • Include easy-to-use administrative software that has the ability to manage access of different buildings within a single, seamless interface.
  • Ensure the accurate monitoring of critical tasks.
  • Provide convenient and secure access for staff, artists, hotel guests and visitors to experience Tabakalera.
The SALTO Solution:

SALTO and local installation partner i-SAI delivered a highly efficient, cost-effective solution encompassing more than 350 interior and exterior access points including wood- and metal-framed doors, glass doors, emergency exits, and car park barriers. The Tabakalera’s existing mechanical locks were efficiently converted into a stand-alone, battery-powered, smart access control system, using the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) and the XS4 product range, specifically XS4 Panic devices for emergency exit doors, XS4 electronic escutcheons, XS4 GEO electronic cylinders, XS4 glass door locks and XS4 locker locks for outstanding security to a wide range of lockers, cupboards and cabinets, XS4 Wall readers & XS4 Door controllers for elevators, roller shutter doors and parking barriers rather than the more complex and expensive traditional approach that requires hard-wiring each door and a fully wired infrastructure.

  • A lower per-door cost allowed for more doors to be included in the new access control system and provided a secure, efficient and easy to way to manage the facility.
  • Access to all rooms and areas is controlled and secure.
  • The use of an advanced data-on-card system ensures timely updates should a smartcard be lost or compromised.
  • The seamless integration of CCTV, communications, fire, intrusion and access control into one seamless, easy-to-manage interface that provides for the effective and efficient management of the building and its multiple facilities.