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Reaching new heights: announcing our technology partnership with Co-Liv

Tuesday 07 July 2020

 We are honoured to announce that SALTO Systems has joined forces with Co-Liv to empower the coliving phenomenon worldwide. Co-Liv is a global non-profit organization, ecosystem and “do-tank” whose mission is to empower the coliving phenomenon. With their values and mission aligning with ours, it is no surprise that the next step was for both parties to come together in the form of official sponsorship and a partnership starting as of June 2020.

Community is key

When coliving operations are simplified and adapted to innovation, the impact is evident in its supporting communities and businesses. Christian Schmitz, Global Coliving Access Lead at SALTO Systems, has joined the Co-Liv team as Tech Lead. SALTO has always strived to focus on smart keyless access control solutions and in coliving, this has resulted in generating more knowledge on new smart living concepts. 

 The Benefits of a Technology Partnership

According to Christian Schmitz, this partnership is one that stemmed from a friendship. Director of Co-Liv, Gui Perdrix, has long collaborated with Christian on several projects, ranging from coliving meetups in the SALTO offices to virtual meetups connecting the coliving community around the world. 

 The core value of this partnership is to drive smart access solutions that are based on the actual experience within coliving, student and senior living or shared housing.

 Co-Liv’s Global Ambassadors and Meetups

Co-Liv is responsible for creating a network of user-centric thinkers, creatives and innovators. Now there is a place where they can unite to drive their shared interest: as Co-Liv Ambassadors. These Co-Liv representatives of various operational and professional backgrounds are each responsible for local initiatives within coliving, including meetups, conferences, and collaborations.

 For the complete list of ambassadors, click here

The partnership is built on community and network. SALTO Systems plays a role in expanding Co-Liv’s network with its global presence. Contact your local ambassador to get to know more about the ambassador program and opportunities within your region.

 We look forward to this partnership and delivering more content than ever before to build the growing coliving community and platform to where it deserves to be.