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A flexible and agile SALTO solution is rolled out in Western Australian

Tuesday 24 September 2019

All Saints’ was Perth’s first Anglican coeducational school and is proud of its friendly, caring and diverse environment. The dynamic, modern facilities range from state-of-the-art sporting facilities to beautiful gardens, which combined with dedicated staff enables students to reach their maximum potential.

Classroom reducedPrior to installing SALTO, mechanical keys were used - these were not practical when system administrators needed to grant access to staff at a moment’s notice. After hours access was also an issue, as it was hard to know when external contractors such as cleaners and maintenance personnel needed to access the campus.

Philip Gale, Facilities Manager at All Saints’ College, was already familiar with SALTO (having used a wireless access control solution at a previous institution) so he was keen to see how SALTO could modernise the security systems within the school. Central Lock and Key, a certified SALTO installer, were able to recommend a range of online, SVN-enabled escutcheons and GEO cylinders which were fitted to administration and classroom doors throughout the college. SALTO’s popular locker locks were also utilised in the sports facilities.

Philip Gale was pleased to see the operational benefits SALTO made to the processes within the school:
“Our new SALTO system allowed us to have flexible door security management processes. There are many changes to access requirements in any given week and being able to instantly modify and grant or deny user access is very efficient and something that was simply not possible with our old mechanical key system”. Gale adds “we can also remotely lock and unlock doors and program doors to lock automatically in the event they were not locked at the end of the day”.

As one of Australia’s leading independent Anglican co-educational schools, the safety and security of its students, staff and visitors is paramount. Finding a solution whose products would fit with the college architecturally was also a bonus; “the elegance of the hardware was appealing” says Gale.

As always, it’s important to look forward and upgrade hardware and software as the technologies progress and the school is already considering how mobile keys (using your mobile phone as your smartcard) could be implemented and the potential operational benefits this would provide. In addition, All Saints College is reviewing SALTO’s integration with other systems currently on campus.

When asked what advice he could offer other institutions considering implementing a new system or migrating to a wireless access control platform, Gale was quick to say “I would highly recommend the SALTO system as it provides the ultimate flexibility for our dynamic environment, is future proof and has enabled us to start small and expand based on our requirements.”