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SALTO exhibiting at Juicy London

Wednesday 14 August 2019

The Global Co-working Unconference (GCUC- pronounced juicy) is the world’s largest global conference series. It brings together co-working aficionados, design enthusiasts, real estate experts, corporate executives and experts to discuss the future of work and the workplace.

Start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers are driving the shift towards co-working spaces which offer flexibility, a better work environment, better networking opportunities etc. This is backed up by the fact that more than 80% of co-working space providers all over the globe expect growth and thus revenues in this market to continue.

For SALTO, the conference is a great venue to promote its innovative SALTO KS  - Keys as a Service - system, the out of the box smart lock solution for co-working spaces. SALTO KS requires no software installation or added expense of a fully wired electronic product making it a quick to fit and cost effective solution for any co-working business.