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DHL Express secures European air cargo hub with SALTO

When DHL Express needed a simple solution for the complicated task of securing its European air cargo hub at Leipzig /Halle airport in Germany SALTO was selected to meet the challenge. 

Leipzig/Halle airport is Germany's 13th largest airport by passenger numbers and in cargo traffic the airport is the fifth-busiest in Europe, and the second-busiest in Germany. So the question was was how could they introduce a new security system without having to change or replace the existing one and could that system then guarantee the security of their operations? 

Security plays an important role within DHL Express and as their offices at Leipzig were already using contactless HID iCLASS technology, the task was to find another system that could seamlessly integrate with it. An additional requirement was that any unnecessary restructuring had to be avoided since that would involve the ID-cards of hundreds of employees having to be cancelled, changed and re-issued.

The answer was SALTO’s XS4 e-lock solution, which enabled DHL Express to carry on using its existing security arrangements with no costly restructuring required. Over 350 doors throughout their offices have been equipped with stand alone SALTO XS4 escutcheons, which are compatible with the existing wall readers, enabling DHL Express employees to continue using their existing ID-cards. 

Given the nature of its business, DHL Express’s overriding concern for the upgrade was that operations and security was not interrupted or compromised. The fact that SALTO XS4 escutcheons could be integrated into their existing HID iCLASS operation convinced DHL Express of the suitability of the SALTO system and the new system works perfectly providing the company with the 24/7 security and flexibility they need.