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SALTO solutions are also in use in such varied contexts as sports centres & stadiums, swimming pools, health clubs, cinemas & theatres, museums, amusement parks and restaurants.

The flexibility the SALTO system provides for allocating access rights is of real value to us.
Markus Hütten, Stage Musical Theatre Hamburg, Germany

Providing a safe and convenient environment for customers, staff and visitors:

  • Integrate access control, cashless vending, hotel accommodation and other services on one credential so that end-users enjoy the satisfaction and ease of use of a one-card system.
  • Optimize the use of special facilities, parking areas and other infrastructure by changing access plans easily, and thereby facilitating the individual programming of certain installations for conferences and special programmes.
  • Efficiently handle high traffic moments thanks to SALTO's reliable RFID technology that reads credentials quickly and seamlessly so bottlenecks are avoided.
  • Employ reliable and intuitive products and technologies developed for hard use in high-traffic areas like public main entrances and locker areas.
  • Enjoy the wide range of carriers to suit just about any kind of need, including waterproof credentials, and smartphone-based credentials.

Special SALTO features for Entertainment and Leisure applications

SALTO enables users to make an emergency lockdown of a property in the event of a security incident. Lockdowns can be performed remotely through wireless locks, or locally on AMOK escutcheons. This feature increases security of employees, guests and other visitors.

Integration with traditional hard-wired access control
Understanding that many sites require a combination of high and medium level security access control measures, SALTO's integration technologies enable the natural extension of traditional hard-wired access control systems to include virtually any door type specified for access control.

Selected projects

Spa le Saint-Jude

 - Montreal, Canada.