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Little League Baseball World Series, Pennsylvania


The Little League Baseball World Series

The Little League Baseball World Series (LLBWS) is held each summer in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The 10-day tournament draws participants, fans, and attention from across the globe and as a result, demands the utmost in security for the 10- to 12-year-old baseball and softball players, their coaches, families, and thousands of spectators. 



Providing security for a high-profile international event like the LLBWS–that draws thousands of participants and spectators–is challenging. Because the existing access control system was hard to manage and didn’t always integrate well with other vendors, Little League International which organizes the event, sought a comprehensive access control solution that could deliver event-wide safety and integration during their annual 10-day tournament.


“When the security request went to bid prior to this year’s games, organizers wanted an updated, secure, and easier-to-implement access control system to replace the outdated system they had in place”, said Samantha Mahaffey, LLBWS Director of Security. 


“We had a combination of old access control wireless locks as well as mechanical locks,” said Mahaffey. “The mechanical locks were outdated and difficult to manage and the old wireless locks were obsolete. Just managing the physical keys was challenging.”


Little League International transitioned to a new security provider, Honeywell, which led to an opportunity to bring in new locks, SALTO locks.  SALTO is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of world-class access control solutions with an estimated 20 million daily users. 



The old system was removed and SALTO electronic locks and SALTO’s Virtual Network (SVN) were installed at the LLBWS complex. The locks included XS4 cylindrical locks, panic bars, and GEO padlocks. SALTO electronic locks provide wire-free networked access control via the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN). With SVN, all user-related access information is stored on a user’s credential so it is extremely simple to update single or multiple credentials while also obtaining useful user data.  


SALTO SVN is integrated with Honeywell’s ProWatch system and RFNet Gateways and is controlling wireless access to everything from roof hatches to areas that include police, security, first aid, umpire, and media locations around the campus. 


The Little League International security team and IT Department work collaboratively to manage the access control system along with the help of their integration partnership with Integrated Security Communications.


During the actual LLBWS event, anywhere from 150 to 200 employees use the access control system via access cards and key fobs. Little League International also has an additional 200 outside organizations like emergency management, media, and volunteers using the system.


Employees manage the system via SALTO SPACE access control management software, which Mahaffey said is “very easy to manage” and added that “the ability to use SALTO SPACE over the internet helps us to manage the system from anywhere.”


“Many people outside the security field don’t understand the importance of locks. They think a lock is just a lock,” said Mahaffey, “But with SALTO, we now have a more secure option to help keep our complex safe not only during the LLBWS, but throughout the year. Now we don’t have to worry if a key is lost and finds itself in the wrong hands or if an electronic lock fails. In addition, the system provides us extremely useful data that helps us better manage the LLBWS complex.”


What’s Next?

Little League International will expand the SALTO access control solution into the International Grove area– the residential unit where all 16 teams stay and have meals during the event– to enhance the security infrastructure there and provide additional protection for the players. They also want to implement the SALTO-Honeywell solution at all of the administrative offices in the International Headquarters in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  


“Technology is always changing and in the security field, that can be a benefit or a threat. Luckily with the solutions that SALTO provides, the threat of someone penetrating our security infrastructure has decreased,” said Mahaffey. “SALTO, along with our other security providers, has made the transition easy for our staff, volunteers, and other companies that we work with during the World Series. Protecting our players, teams, spectators, and all our constituents is our number one goal and we are thankful to work with an organization like SALTO that shares our vision.


 Download: SALTO Case Study Little League.pdf