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Sant Joan Reus Hospital installs SALTO smart access system

University Hospital Sant Joan de Reus in Barcelona, Spain, chose SALTO’s XS4 smart access control system to provide its advanced security management.

One of Spain’s most modern hospitals, it has 460 beds and specialises in treatments such as oncology, bariatric surgery, plastic surgery and repair, vascular medicine and thoracic surgery.

"As the premier healthcare-tailored access control system, the SALTO XS4 solution was an ideal choice for University Hospital Sant Joan de Reus," comments Marc Handels, SALTO Chief Marketing and Sales Officer (CMSO).

"Its power efficient technology means its needs no hard wiring saving time, materials and funding on installation. Working in consultation with the hospital we were able to design a highly secure and flexible access control system consisting of 100 doors within the main buildings secured with XS4 stand alone electronic handle sets and 1400 lockers protected by XS4 locker locks. All of them use Mifare proximity technology so the same ID card can be used with all locks,” Handels says.

Smart, secure and innovative, XS4 provides a totally wire free networked electronic locking solution. It uses distributed intelligence to pass information between the electronic handle set and the key card, it can integrate with other systems to allow ID cards and locks to be updated, restricted or deleted remotely.

The ‘smart’ ID cards build up 'on-card' audit through normal use giving the hospital complete control over access. Any ID cards that get lost or stolen can be quickly deleted from the system, eliminating the traditional need to replace locks if security is breached due to the loss or theft of an ID card.

SALTO’s XS4 system provides the ideal platform to support University Hospital Sant Joan de Reus’s decision to evolve their security by enabling complete integration and manageability across a complex healthcare environment.