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Australian city council updates keys with electronic access control

Moonee Valley City Council located within the metropolitan area of Melbourne, Australia, fitted a traditional mechanical keyed security system many years ago.

Over the years users had grown steadily and the system was struggling to cope. Key control had become a costly problem, with lost keys and the replacement of locks causing an unwanted financial burden, so the council realised they needed a more versatile and cost-effective way to regulate access and entry to and within their buildings.

Facilities Manager Craig Perry says “One of the main areas causing concern was the hiring out of public venues. To do this we issued a key to the hirer which was often not returned, necessitating unwanted rekeying costs. To end this and several other security issues, we needed advice on how we could achieve maximum security without compromising ease of use, or our building’s structures and aesthetics.”

Local SALTO partner JAB did a detailed inspection of the various sites and reviewed the type of access control solution needed and recommended SALTO as the answer as it would provide the council with everything they would get from a fully wired online system, but at the cost of a stand alone system.

Jason Knowles of JAB Solutions says “We’ve now replaced mechanical keys with a modern fully integrated SALTO access control solution which includes 10 on-line wall reader points. This has eliminated several problems for the council and incorporates stand alone electronic escutcheons using a mix of on-line and off-line doors that are controlled via Mifare RFID ID cards.

Their public venues all had keys and hirers could enter a building at any time, but now with SALTO the venues have time and door based time zones that restrict entry time and audit trail information can be downloaded from the escutcheons to monitor who accessed the venue and when.”