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Media City UK uses advanced access control from SALTO

MediaCityUK, a 200-acre mixed-use waterfront development in Manchester, England, is using advanced contactless access control technology from SALTO to control security across the entire site

Designed around the specific needs of the media and creative industries, the site is home to BBC and ITV television studios, the University of Salford, 378 apartments, an hotel and more than 100 commercial businesses.

To control access within the many buildings MediaCityUK uses SALTO’s XS4 and GEO solutions to meet all its security requirements.

The SALTO data-on-card access control system enables end users on site to control their buildings in almost real time through the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN). This software allows the stand alone locks to read, receive and write information via their operating smart cards. Data from the cards is captured at strategic points in the buildings which then upload and download user related information that is used to permit, control or deny access.

The XS4 handles, GEO cylinders, panic bars and wall readers control in excess of 500 doors including in the Orange Tower, Blue Tower, Multi-storey car park, Studio Block, Greenhouse, Public Realm (road blockers, gates and barriers) and two residential towers. Other users include Satellite Installation Services who have their own SALTO solution but also have access to MediaCityUK doors i.e. they carry access permissions on one card for two systems. This is also the case with ITV who also run their own system.

Ramesh Gurdev, Managing Director, SALTO UK, says "Working with the many stakeholders on site we designed a highly secure and flexible access control system for MediaCityUK. Key control was a major consideration from the outset due to the size of the development, so a ‘keyless’ environment was an absolute prerequisite to give MediaCityUK full control over their security requirements.”