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We've revamped our training facilities and content to better address our partner's needs.  Our new, 2 day SPACE Basic Certification Training is hands-on for technical personnel or individuals with little or no direct experience with our products, providing a basic understanding of SALTO System's online resources & technical support structure. Upon completion, participants will be able to specify, install & implement SALTO's SPACE application & associated hardware to best prepare our partners for success.

If you'd like to attend a training session to learn more about our products, systems, SVN and wireless technologies,  contact your SALTO Regional Sales Manager to make the booking.  A purchase order for $250 is required to attend the session; $250 fee is charged only for no-shows or cancellations within 5 days (if another class date is not immediately re-booked). We look forward to seeing you! 

These 2 day classes are held on dates shown during the week from 9am-4:30pm EST. 



SALTO KS- Keys as a Service Training is available by advance request only as an additional Day 3 from 9:00-4:00 at both SALTO ATL & NYC Training locations.


Download the training schedule:



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Location   Month  Day 1 Day 2 Class #
Atlanta   *October   16 17 181001
Atlanta   *November   06 07 181101
Atlanta   *December    11 12 181201
  *November   14 15 181101
  NYC   *December   12 13 181201