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Monday 05 November 2018


SALTO SVN-Flex enables SALTO stand-alone electronic locks and cylinders to update user’s cards directly at the door when a user’s credentials are presented to the electronic lock.
This simple – yet genius – innovation makes sense since the door’s lock hardware is the ultimate touch point in an access control system. By having the door’s electronic hardware serve as an updating access point, SVN-Flex has added convenience and has maximized functionality in an already efficient system.
Based on SALTO’s new BLUEnet wireless technology and in combination with the XS4 2.0 product range, SVN-Flex extends and increases the number of updating points directly to the door. This results in an exponential increase in security, control, effectiveness and convenience for users and system managers as the communication between devices flows in real-time on wireless online access points and much faster on offline points.

SVN-Flex Highlights:
• No need to go to a wired door to have cards updated.
• Any door can do the update.
• Property manager/administrator is flexible to select which door to be an updating point.
• Less wiring means less cost.

Additional SPACE v5.2 Features:


  • Performance enhancement when sending RF actions to several locks
  • Diagnostic tool for communications between SW and BLUEnet locks
  • Authorization codes supported for hotel guests
  • Event notification through HTTP in the alarm engine
  • New action in Alarm Engine: Remote opening of online doors

Explore the range of features and capabilities at the new SVN Flex microsite: