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SALTO Debuts Game-Changing SVN-Flex at GSX 2018 in Las Vegas

Monday 24 September 2018

This year at GSX 2018 in Las Vegas, SALTO launched its latest game-changing access control solution: SVN-Flex.

SVN-Flex enables SALTO stand-alone electronic locks and cylinders to update user’s cards directly at the door when a user’s credentials are presented to the electronic lock. This simple – yet genius – innovation makes sense since the door’s lock hardware is the ultimate touch point in an access control system. By having the door’s electronic hardware serve as an updating access point, SALTO has added convenience and maximized functionality in an already efficient and impressive system – all without expensive wiring – as well as the capability to continue functioning even when a network is offline.

More than 22,000 security professionals and 550 companies took part in GSX 2018 (formerly the ASIS conference), making it one of the largest physical security trade shows in North America.

“We had a terrific experience at GSX this year and received high praise for our latest innovation, SVN Flex, as well as the other additions to our ever-increasing security product lineup,” said Michael J. Mahon, Senior Vice President Commercial Sales.

SALTO highlighted the release of ProAccess SPACE 5.1, the most technologically advanced version to date of SALTO’s web-based access control management software. The release is a major update to the world’s most advanced electronic locking operating system, bringing new experiences and hundreds of features. 100% web-based and mobile capable, with powerful multitasking features, ProAccess SPACE is simple-to-use access control software for managing electronic locks, staff, visitors and doors.

Hardware products featured at GSX included the XS4 One Deadlatch, the XS4 Mini and the new Mullion and Panel Readers.

The SALTO XS4 One Deadlatch is a revolutionary stand-alone electronic lock that’s perfect for retail storefronts, healthcare facilities and commercial buildings with aluminum-framed glass doors. The XS4 One Deadlatch has tightly packed technology that brings together the convenience of an offline point – easy installation and no wires – with virtually the same kind of power and performance of an online point. 

SALTO’s XS4 Mini escutcheon has an easy-to-install design that makes it simple for security professionals to upgrade and replace mechanical key-operated locks with the latest in electronic access control. The XS4 Mini has quality zinc alloy construction and Mifare-DESFire and BLE technologies, allowing it to work with conventional smartcards and JustIN Mobile. Installation typically takes five minutes or less!

The slim Mullion Reader for flush mounting has been specially designed to fit elevators, sliding doors or electronic gate doors that have a narrow profile frame, and where there is insufficient space to install a standard wall reader. The Panel Reader door entry system is designed to be integrated behind elevator panels, door intercoms, electric switches, turnstiles or gates. Users can present a valid SALTO credential – including both RFID credentials and the JustIN Mobile app – to gain entry.