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Update Your KS Mobile App to Newest Version

Thursday 02 August 2018

A new release of the SALTO KS app is now ready to download from the App Store & Play Store. This is available as an update to the current SALTO KS mobile app in both stores; iOS version 4.0.0 and Android version 5.0.0. 

 What's New?

- Icon for site switching has changed and has moved to upper left corner. Now, the filter overlay and filter icons are on the upper right corner.

- User interface changes are improved. Icons have been revised, and also changes have been made in terminology, e.g. "Warnings & Events" are now referred to as "Entries & Incidents."

- To reduce startup time, this update has replaced splash screen animation with a static image.

For further questions, please contact your SALTO KS Regional Sales Manager. 

For more information on new products, please visit the SALTO partner area of the website for additional details.