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SALTO ProAccess SPACE Version

Wednesday 04 July 2018

SALTO ProAccess Space Release

This version implements new features such as: 

Enhanced performance in ProAccess SPACE front-end for big databases

The performance has been improved and the front-end offers a much better user experience in terms of response time when loading and storing information, allowing the handling of hundreds of thousands of users and/or tens of thousands of doors without any problems.

External applications in JustIN Mobile keys

The CU42xx devices are prepared to read and track Wiegand data from mobile keys and send its content to third parties via CUADAP. This allows for the use of the SALTO mobile platform in the same fashion as the physical ones, ie., by sending Track 2 to a POS or the card´s Wiegand code to a third party panel controlling an access point used to update SALTO cards.

New report about lock inactivity

This report shows all locks that have not been accessed within a certain period of time (that is, no opening has been registered in the audit trail). This report will help hotels comply with regulations in terms of unused Hotels Rooms, or other installations to detect unused lockers.

The DBSync & Staging Table tools support assignment of mobile keys

When creating (or updating) a cardholder profile through the DBSync tool (or the Staging Table tool), it is also possible, within the same step, to assign a new mobile key.

LDAP integration

The ProAccess SPACE software supports integration with Directory Services through the LDAP protocol. At login, this allows the the operator's credential (username/password) to be validated against the Directory Service, avoiding the duplication of credentials and corresponding maintenance. 

New events are now produced by the CU4200 nodes and also registered within the audit trail

This allows to define new triggers in the "alarm events" feature based on CU42000 events (like the CU´s tamper, connection with the device lost, etc...). These are also viewed in the front-end (e.g., monitoring window and audit trail window).

A new warning messages policy is now shown when the blacklist resource is about to exhaust

The ProAccess Space 5.0 software will show several warning messages when the blacklist resource is about to reach the limit, so they are not easily missed.

Compliance with GDPR

Permanent deletion within the DB of removed entities (cardholders & operators). The record of deleted cardholders and operators are completely erased from the DB after a period of grace (customizable).

Enhanced relay manual activation

CU4xxx relays now support a new working mode: card output + alarm output, allowing activation of the relays both on demand and by card outputs. Activation time is customizable.

Badging (card printing) in HTML5

The badging feature has been migrated to the HTML5 format. This makes it possible to print cards in non-Windows machines and being independent from the browser.


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