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Introducing SALTO BLUEnet Wireless

Wednesday 04 July 2018


SALTO BLUEnet Wireless has been developed to meet the highest demands related to security and ease. This access control system is networked through Bluetooth RF and especially designed for doors where real-time control is required. SALTO BLUEnet can be installed as an independent system or can complement SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) in areas of a building where real-time control is required.

Control and management of all access points remotely and in real-time from one or more administrator workstations than with SALTO BLUEnet wireless engine allowing the operator to monitor live access control events and giving the ability to unlock doors, change opening mode, lockdown, live door status monitoring or change physical access rules in the access plan, in real-time and wirelessly.



Control and management of all access points remotely and in real-time from one or more administrator workstations.

If radio frequency is interrupted or breaks down, the access system will continue to work, as the virtual network of the battery-operated locks remains operative through SALTO SVN.

Wireless network architecture: One gateway can communicate with 7 nodes. Each node can operate up to 16 doors, with a maximum distance of 15ft (16m) between the lock and the node. All by using one single IP address.



  • Advanced security with standard encryption communications.

  • Escutcheons and cylinders receive blacklist information and remove cancelled keys from the system in real-time.

  • Receive audit trail information in real-time and view door access without having to visit the door.

  • Real-time door control: This includes door alarm, intrusion alarm, single lockdown and remote door opening.

  • Real-time battery control enables maintenance to view escutcheon power status in real-time.

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