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OpenKey Partners With SALTO to Deliver Innovative Guest Room Integration For Austin’s Lakeway Resort and Spa

Tuesday 18 July 2017

XS4 A9650 white smallNestled in the Texas Hill Country on the shores of Austin’s scenic Lake Travis, Lakeway Resort and Spa is home to 175 rooms and provides a variety of sports, relaxation, and recreational amenities for the entire family. Originally built in 1968, the hotel has undergone extensive renovations. One of its most recent updates is the selection and implementation of OpenKey’s access control technology.

Lakeway Resort and Spa has joined a growing number of hotels nationwide who have selected OpenKey to allow guests the convenience of mobile key access to manage hotel room doors. Mobile phones are the number one item brought on vacation by travelers, so incorporating their use into a hotel stay is an innovative – and wise – decision. What drives this mobile access capability at the Lakeway Resort and Spa is an integration delivered via a partnership between OpenKey and SALTO Systems electronic locks.

Backed by several major REITs in the hospitality space, OpenKey is the industry standard for universal mobile key access in hotels. SALTO Systems is a leading manufacturer of electronic access control solutions with a strong presence in the global hospitality industry. SALTO’s pioneering Salto Virtual Network (SVN) platform developed the first stand-alone, battery-powered electronic locks for access control.

Lakeway Resort and Spa implemented OpenKey’s smartphone technology platform to work with SALTO Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) electronic room locks. The seamless integration of universal technology not only enables hotel guests to use their mobile device as a room key, it also allows Lakeway Resort and Spa guests the ability to manage their room check-in, call the front desk, confirm their identity with an ID capture for security, and send their estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the hotel via the app.

 “Guests really enjoy using mobile keys at Lakeway,” stated General Manager Blake Doran. “We recently ran out of plastic key cards and had to use only mobile keys for a period of time. The OpenKey system worked flawlessly to save us from what could have been a nightmare situation.” 

 Lakeway guests use mobile keys to open around 500 doors a month – with usage increasing every month. Hotels like Lakeway that regularly see large groups of travelers really benefit from the remote check-in feature that eliminates huge lines from forming in the hotel lobby and allows guests to head directly to their rooms upon arrival.

 The OpenKey-SALTO integration resulted from company representatives meeting to develop ideas on how their respective technologies could join to offer hospitality end users more convenience and innovation in access control. SALTO sent its Software Development Kit (SDK) to OpenKey and the integration of the SALTO Application Program Interface (API) was made very easily, said Rob Zijl, SALTO Systems Vice President Hospitality Access Solutions.

 “All SALTO electronic lock models work with BLE and can now integrate with OpenKey,“ said Zijl. “SALTO has integrated with dozens of guest apps, but OpenKey is quite unique where it delivers either a Key app or an API to the hotel chain to integrate into their own guest app.”


The functionality with OpenKey stays the same, Zijl added. “The fact that OpenKey offers a multi-vendor solution accelerates the market for mobile access and the fact that OpenKey focuses on this creates a big awareness.”


Zijl said the OpenKey-SALTO integration is a beneficial, cost-saving partnership for both access control companies, end users, and guests.


“SALTO Systems is delighted to be integrated with OpenKey, a cost effective, easy-to-implement and easy-to-use solution for mobile access in hotels like the Lakeway Resort and Spa,” said Zijl. “Our integration also allows some of our customers who use multiple vendors for locking systems to integrate only one API into their guest app. The main advantage of the SALTO OpenKey integration – compared to integrations with other lock vendors – is that SALTO does not charge an additional monthly cloud fee. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!”


The OpenKey app is available to download in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. For more information on SALTO Systems, visit