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SALTO Systems launches new website to showcase its social initiatives around the world.

Tuesday 29 September 2015

A new communications platform to demonstrates commitment to social development.

SALTO has redesigned the website to make it easier to view and discover the many accessibility and paralympic sports projects the initiative is involved with. actively supports 10 projects (both individuals and teams) in six countries. These include prestigious events such as the Paralympic winter games in Sochi, the World skiing championships as well as European and national paratriathlon competitions. All have the aim of improving accessibility and promoting handicapped sport.

The new website is also designed to promote closer relationships between the athletes and the community, as well as provide updated information regarding each individual project. A photo and video gallery of the most relevant activities for each project is shown as well as direct access to their social profiles via (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram).

The launch of the new web site is part of SALTO's initiative to connect with more people through the Group's many social  media channels. The aim is through our FACEBOOK page, our TWEETS and our MEDIA Gallery on Instagram and Flickr, is to showcase some of the many social projects in which SALTO Systems is taking part.

Marc Handels SALTO Systems Chief Marketing and Sales Officer (CMSO) and one of the co-founders of the company, said, 'The redesigned free2move website will enhance the overall user experience and effectively showcase SALTO's brand across different social programme inititiatives.'

'At SALTO Systems we believe it's our responsibility to play a leading role in the social development of our local environment around our many offices throughout the world. To do this we focus on social programs and sport, working with those who share our passion to help others . Now that we have passed the milestone of 2000 facebook fans and with this new website, it shows that nothing is impossible if you follow and believe in your dreams'

To help us to continue to grow our community, just invite your facebook friends to like us! #'Believe

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