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SALTO KS now compatible with XS4 ANSI Mini

Tuesday 03 March 2020

The implementation of new firmware for the IQ2.0 now allows the XS4 ANSI Mini to be connected to SALTO KS via BLUEnet connectivity.  All existing IQ2.0 series IQ's are equipped and ready to connect with both our legacy RFnet and BLUEnet technologies. XS4 ANSI Mini's are ready to be connected out of the box to SALTO KS. This enhancement makes the XS4 ANSI Mini the first product in the SALTO line to provide a significant reduction in the necessary SKUs to support and grow both SALTO's ProAccess SPACE platform or SALTO KS from the same pool of hardware, enabling shorter lead and shelf times than the traditional XS4 Original escutcheons.  Not to mention, the ability to install on standard ANSI prepped cylindrical doors without the need for a drill. This is just one of many enhancements that the SALTO KS platform has made over the past few months. If you haven't seen SALTO KS lately, you're gonna want to come back and take another look, contact us for a short intro webinar!  


We first introduced BLUEnet technology for our wireless infrastructure in the GATEWAY03 and RFNODE3 products for ProAccess SPACE V4.1. allowing for the connection of the AElement Fusion and XS4 ANSI Mini products among others.  It was then enhanced with the release of SVN Flex technology allowing for revalidation and updating at selected BLUEnet wireless connected devices. BLUEnet technology also allowed for the introduction of BLUEnet repeaters, providing an easy and cost effective method to extend the range of a node.  BLUEnet has proven to provider stronger connections, without the need for manual channel selection as with RFnet. BLUEnet also reduces polling times to 4 seconds vs 8 seconds of our legacy RFnet, all while improving battery life, by as much as 20%. All BLUEnet locking products are compatible with our JustIN mobile credential technologies available for both platforms, eliminating the need for users to have a physical credential.  SALTO KS connected BLUEnet locks have the additional benefit of more memory and options for fall-back operation should the BLUEnet connection be lost.  BLUEnet hardware is equipped to provide 360 master key positions vs 39 with XS4 Original RFnet devices.