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SALTO Access Control Integration Helps Keep Little League Baseball World Series SAFE!

Friday 16 August 2019

The Little League Baseball World Series (LLBWS) is underway in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and SALTO Systems is part of a comprehensive security solution designed to keep the players, coaches, and spectators safe. 

The 10-day LLBWS tournament draws participants, fans, and attention from across the globe and as a result demands the utmost in security. When the security request went to bid prior to this year’s games, organizers sought a solution that included SALTO because SALTO is a proven and reliable electronic wireless access control platform. SALTO is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of world-class access control solutions with more than 15,000 installations worldwide with an estimated 20 million daily users. 

At the LLBWS complex, SALTO SVN is integrated with Honeywell’s ProWatch system and RFNet Gateways and is controlling wireless access to everything from roof hatches to areas that include police, security, first aid, umpire, and media locations around the campus.

SALTO electronic locks in operation include XS4 cylindrical locks, panic bars, and GEO padlocks. SALTO electronic locks provide wire-free networked access control via the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN). With SVN, all user-related access information is stored on a user’s credential. The access rights are updated at hard-wired online IP access points.