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SALTO solutions are in use around the world in educational environments, including universities, university housing, schools, research institutes, academies, kindergartens & elementary schools.

We like the ease of use and capability of the SALTO software as it helps us get maximum benefit from the technology whilst providing a secure environment for all our students and staff.
Peter Evans, Operations Director, Queen's College, UK.

Providing a safe and convenient environment for pupils, students and staff: 

  • Differentiate easily who has access and when to such different places as offices, residences, laboratories, libraries, athletic and cultural facilities, common areas, etc.
  • Distinguish access not just by physical location but also by duration, easily managing access for short-term guests (i.e., conference attendees), contract and temporary workers, as well as staff and students.
  • Integrate access control along with other campus services (i.e., cashless vending, canteens, library systems, transportation) all on one credential.
  • System flexibility permits the easy change of access plans thereby facilitating the individual programming of certain installations for conferences, sport and cultural events, etc.
  • In emergency situations, the local lockdown feature allows authorized users to put SALTO electronic locks into stand-alone lockdown mode.

Special SALTO features for Education

SALTO AMOK electronic escutcheons have a built-in card reader on the inner escutcheon. This inner reader enables users to activate the AMOK function mode in order to lockdown a room quickly. Only authorized users with AMOK privileges on their access plan can activate it.

Automatic key assignment
Automatic key assignment allows keycards to be encoded directly via a wall reader at the main point of access. This can be done the first time a user presents a card, saving time, hassle and the need to queue for card validation.

Selected projects

All Saints College

 - Gold Coast, Australia.

American University of Cairo

 - Cairo, Egypt.

Australian National University

 - Canberra, Australia.

British International School of Houston

 - Houston, USA.

(Business case available )

Cambridge University

 - Cambridge, UK.

Chaffey Joint Union High School District

 - San Bernardino County, USA.

(Business case available )

Chinese University

 - Hong Kong, SAR China.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Oglethorpe University

 - Atlanta, USA.

Oxford University

 - Oxford, UK.

Princeton University

 - Princeton, USA.

(Business case available )

Tecnológico de Monterrey

 - Monterrey, México.

Texas A&M University

 - Texas, USA.

(Business case available )

United Arab Emirates University

 - Al Ain, UAE.

University of Colorado

 - Boulder, USA.

(Business case available )

University of Economics & Business

 - Vienna, Austria.

University of Toronto

 - Toronto, Canada.

University of Winnipeg

 - Winnipeg, Canada.