Relentless Innovation

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Market-led development
Innovation is one of the most critical factors behind SALTO's continued success. The inspiration and ideas for new products come from a variety of sources, and one of the most important is obviously SALTO's customers. Real market feedback is extremely valuable, especially for incremental product improvements. Another important source of input are all the new electronic and information technologies. These developments can often allow functionalities which were previously impossible, such as what took place with SALTO's Wireless technology, or more recently with our mobile solutions and the XS4 2.0 range.

Our R&D team
Like all elements of SALTO, at the centre is our team. In the case of R&D, the team of nearly 30 people is structured into three areas to best focus on the main areas of development: Mechanical, Electronics, and Software. SALTO jumped onto the access control map with its data-on-card technological innovation and we know that to stay a leader in this increasingly competitive landscape, SALTO needs to continue to invest in our resources -- people, capabilities, equipment -- in order to reach our research and development goals.

Complementary skills for strong solutions
It's important to highlight that the skills on the R&D team come from several disciplines. There are many engineers in the department, but there are also mathematicians and physicists with experience in mechanical lock design, electronic design, PCB design, firmware and software development, database knowledge, mobile apps software, and much more. The development process is an iterative one, so the team needs to be able to understand and analyze new challenges from many different angles. That's the best way to ensure that SALTO strengthens and builds upon our innovation capabilities which form the basis of our market-valued solutions.

Innovation timeline

2001 Presentation of the first battery-powered offline escutcheons for electronic access control without wires.

2002 Launch of SVN -- the SALTO Virtual Network -- a data-on-card system with patented read-write functionality that continues to revolutionize the access control world and set the standard for imitation systems.

2004 Introduction of wire-free electronic escutcheons with RFID technology.

2008 Presentation of SALTO Wireless, the first networked radio system for access control in real-time.

2009 Introduction of Ælement, SALTO's RFID design-lock with wire-free technology and a minimalist, sleek design.

2012 Launch of XS4 GEO, SALTO's wire-free electronic cylinder range with a vast offering of product profiles that permit a virtually unlimited number of applications.

2014 Launch of Clay by SALTO, a cloud-based access control solution with features such as remote opening and instant blocking to provide both outstanding security and usability, and is especially well-suited for small and medium enterprises.

2014 Presentation of the XS4 Mini, the first product of the new XS4 2.0 platform. The XS4 Mini's smart compactness simplifies installation in virtually any kind of door, complementing any type of architecture or interior design.

2015 Launch of ProAccess SPACE, a user-friendly interface accompanies this web-based software enabling fast, easy installation and updates to all operator terminals in a building. ProAcces SPACE also brings important new functionalities in mobile services, for the hospitality market as well as for more complex access control systems.

to be continued! ...