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Wall Readers

SALTO peripheral products provide the ideal solution for those access points where online connectivity is needed, or where interaction with other systems or electric powered devices such as elevators, roller shutter doors or barriers is required.


EB5008 SALTO multi relay output control board

The EB5008 is a device which, when connected to CU5000, CU50EN or CU50ENSVN door controllers, provides the option to manage multi relay switchable output systems such as elevator floor level access, multi shutter and barrier systems, machine switching and more.

ID Technologies

  • To be used with all SALTO wall readers (excepted WRM1000, WRDB or WRMB ranges).MIFARE® (DESFire EV1, Plus, Ultralight C, Classic - ISO/IEC 14443).
  • NFC.
  • Inside Picopass.
  • LEGIC Prime and LEGIC Advant.
  • HID iCLASS®.
  • i-Button.


Technical Drawing