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Contactless RFID key fobs

- RFID technologies available: DESfire, Mifare. - 13.56MHz contactless RFID identification. - High security, by using password and encrypted Proximity fobs*. - SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) compatible. - Different memory capacities from 256bytes up to 4Kbytes*. - Reusable key fob. - Multi application with other systems using the same card through shared sectors*. - Customised fob issuing through the SALTO Authorization Media software (SAM)*. - SALTO contactless key fob models are available in: red, blue, yellow, black and green.

ID Technologies

  • MIFARE® DESFire EV1.
  • MIFARE® Classic.
  • Designed for multiple applications across market segments using the same credential through shared sectors.