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New SALTO Neo Cylinder Microsite

Thursday 16 July 2020

To enable potential users to discover more about its SALTO Neo electronic cylinder, SALTO Systems, a leading manufacturer of electronic access control solutions, has launched a new microsite dedicated to the product.

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The compact SALTO Neo Cylinder is designed for doors where fitting an electronic escutcheon is not possible or required and can be installed on standard doors, server racks, gates, cabinets, electric switches, sliding doors, and more. It’s available in an extensive range of models to suit almost any kind of door.

Energy efficient, it provides 100,000 / 130,000 operations from just one set of batteries. The IP66-rated SALTO Neo Cylinder is weather-resistant, making it especially suitable for outdoor use, even in the harshest of environments. Inside the tough SALTO Neo Cylinder exterior is the absolute latest in electronic lock technology. Certified to the highest security standards, and incorporating ever-higher quality and reliability, the SALTO Neo Cylinder offers value far beyond security, however. It also provides greater control over the door by offering users access to audit trails, reports, alerts and so much more.

The new microsite gives an overview of the main features and benefits of the Neo cylinder as well as more detailed information of the product on SALTO’s SPACE and SALTO KS technology platforms. In the pages that follow, visitors can find more insights and information, displayed in a nice mixture of text, video, and images. This includes technical specifications including available finishes, dimensions, compatible digital and smart key technologies, environmental operating conditions, and IP, fire and security certifications and more. You can also download a new 8 page SALTO Neo e-book by completing a short information request box. An email link will then be sent enabling the brochure to be downloaded.