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Upgrading security for Randwick City Council

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Keyless smart access solution delivers increased security package

The Infrastructure Services Department of Randwick City Council, in Sydney, Australia, was finding it time consuming to maintain and secure a number of Community Centres, Parks and Public Toilets which all used mechanical keys to provide security. Ongoing maintenance was costly, especially if keys were lost, necessitating the changing of locks to maintain security, and sorting which keys fitted which door was both time intense and unnecessary.

After looking at their existing arrangements, the Council carried out a full security review and assessed their options to both increase security and improve flexibility of how their properties were secured, controlled and managed. This led to an invitation for local SALTO dealer ECS International Security & Investigations to explain how they could provide a standalone electronic solution that could address and resolve many of the issues the council had.

What appealed to the Council was that SALTO would provide a quantum leap in security control. With it they would be able to fully control who could access what, where and when. They would have a full audit trail from every door, and there would be no need to cable or hard wire to individual doors. This would deliver a substantial Dollar saving and was one of the major features they liked about SALTO. The fact that they could also have this versatility in an electronic padlock too was a great bonus.

Robert Pai, Business Development Manager SALTO Systems Australia and New Zealand, says 'Randwick City Council choose SALTO to deliver the control and flexibility they needed while simultaneously maximizing their ROI through a buy once philosophy. The result is that we've now secured over 50 doors with a mix of SALTO online wireless XS4 handle sets, GEO cylinder locks and GEO electronic padlocks.'