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XS4 Mortise locks

SALTO offers a wide range of mortise locks in order to ensure that the door is correctly locked. Whether you need Euro locks, DIN locks, ANSI mortise locks, Scandinavian standard locks, cylindrical cartridge latches or automatic locks with privacy and panic functions, SALTO has the locking system you need. The complete range of standard mortise locks enables you to install SALTO electronic XS4 escutcheons and SALTO XS4 GEO cylinders correctly without compromising security.


XS4 Nordic Scandinavian mortise lock

SALTO offers a wide range of specially designed SS Scandinavian standard mortise locks that ensure the door is locked correctly and securely. Developed to increase both the security and safety of the entire door, especially when used with access control and bulding key-management systems. It is suitable for use with Scandinavian XS4 and SALTO XS4 GEO Nordic models on both interior and exterior doors.

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