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Residential Multi-Unit, The Strategic Group

Wednesday 25 November 2020

The Strategic Group - Calgary, AB


Calgary, Alberta-based Strategic Group is a large property developer that owns, manages, and develops office, retail, and apartment properties across Canada. The Strategic Group is fully integrated, meaning they own, manage, lease, develop, re-develop, and re-purpose their own portfolio for their own use. Because they invest in and own real estate for the long term, they focus on sustainability and recurring revenue with a mission of “creating values others can’t, by seeing what others don’t.”



1,400 Doors
Outfitted with SALTO XS4
2,350 System Users
Access Control
provided for multi-unit apartments

Areas protected:  Standard doors, glass doors, metal doors, aluminium doors for apartment entrances, general exterior doors, gyms, parking areas, and areas that are exposed to harsh winter temperatures that can reach 50 degrees below zero.

ASH MAHMOUD, Managing Director – Construction, Strategic Group

As a multi-unit residential builder and developer with a variety of needs, we need a company like SALTO Systems to deliver quality electronic access control products. When we first chose SALTO to outfit our properties several years ago, one of the primary reasons was due to SALTO’s commitment to research and development. Over the years, SALTO has continuously shown their commitment to innovation and providing advances in access control technology.


In 2015, The Strategic Group sought an electronic access control solution to improve security and operations in their multi-unit dwelling and apartment properties. They were looking to offer residents the latest in technology and the opportunity to replace door keys by using a mobile phone as a smart key. Managing Director for Construction Ash Mahmoud said even though the market at the time was moving towards electronic access control and away from mechanical keys, it was still a very big commitment to make the transition.

The Strategic Group evaluated a variety of access control products and chose SALTO in part because SALTO has such a strong commitment to research and development.

“Over the years SALTO has continuously shown their commitment to innovation and providing advances in access control technology,” said Mahmoud. “We were making a big commitment and investment and we wanted to make sure that the company we partnered with was going to be there for the duration and would also continue improving.” 


Since The Strategic Group chose to install 65 SALTO XS4 electronic locks at that first property in 2015, they have since installed SALTO in nine more apartment buildings totalling more than 1,400 access points. They have added a variety of SALTO products including the XS4 Mini and Ælement Fusion electronic locks. They manage the system via the SALTO SPACE access control management software which Mahmoud says is so easy for their property managers to operate that it only takes minimal training.

“Our SALTO Space management software gives us the opportunity to make immediate updates. So, if a resident loses their key fob, we can make changes in the system and that goes into effect immediately. We don’t have to worry about the key fob falling into the wrong hands like we would with a mechanical key and that is a big relief.”

Another deciding factor for why The Strategic Group chose SALTO was to provide residents with the option to open doors with their smartphones via the SALTO JustIN Mobile application.

“We knew that access control was moving to mobile back when we first migrated to electronic access control and so that was a very important consideration for us,” said Mahmoud. “SALTO’s JustIN Mobile app has given our residents the opportunity to improve their experience by incorporating door access into their smartphone as a matter of both convenience and security.”

DON LOPATKA, Regional Sales Manager SALTO Canada 

We are honored to work with a quality developer and builder like The Strategic Group in the design, installation, and deployment of our access control solutions in their properties and we are proud of our long partnership with The Strategic Group. We’d like to thank The Strategic Group for their support, commitment, and implementation with the SALTO product offering on numerous projects in their portfolio and look forward to helping create future success with them.