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Update as of 13 April 


Good news! We are back!

As you know, on 30 March we essentially had to stop shipments from our factory in Spain in response to the Royal Decree issued by the Spanish Government. Since that Decree, we have been able to maintain a minimum level of activity, but the good news is that from Tuesday 14 April. We will restart our manufacturing and shipping to near-normal levels of production

The health and safety of our staff remains our top priority and as such we have spent these last weeks reinforcing the procedures and measures already put in place on 15 March. If you have specific questions regarding how we have reorganized our manufacturing and shipping facilities to comply with strict health standards, please contact us.

All SALTO staff not working in manufacturing, shipping and/or Quality Assurance positions continue to work from home (WFH), and this also applies to our SALTO colleagues working in our Business Units worldwide.

At SALTO we are pleased and excited to be able to restart our production operations, yet we remain deeply humbled and respectful of the larger situation with COVID-19 which continues to evolve throughout the world. Our sincerest thanks and respect goes out to healthcare professionals throughout the world as well as all of the other professionals giving their all during this incredibly difficult time.

Please Stay Safe and Collaborate!


Covid-19 (Coronavirus) continues to impact people and organizations around the world.
The health and safety of our partners, customers and communities remain our top priority.

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