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New Smart Locks Control Access at Amity College

Thursday 05 July 2018

Located in the Western suburbs of Sydney, Amity College realised that the continuing challenge of providing access within the school, whilst maintaining security was becoming increasingly difficult. With an existing mechanical key system proving ever more costly to maintain and control, due to the large number of keys that were necessary, it was decided it was time to swap it out and replace it with a modern, technically advanced and cost effective solution to manage access control and security needs.

Amity College is a nondenominational independent school providing learning opportunities from Kindergarten to year 12. It provides a school environment conducive to learning in all aspects of life as well as providing a platform to help students realise their potential and become leaders of tomorrow. The focus is on achieving academic and creative excellence coupled with a strong sense of self-integrity and social responsibility.

After a survey of the site and an audit of how the college wanted to manage access for pupils and staff across the campus, SALTO’s XS4 solution was recommended by dealer Allcare Locksmiths & Security.

Ross Ewing, Security Technician at the firm, says “Talking with Mesut Ozcan, Operations Manager at Amity College, it was clear what he needed was a system that could not only handle their present access control requirements, but also take care of additional functions such as integration with photocopiers etc as required. He needed a future proof access control system that had a proven track record in the education market that could deliver 24/7 critical security protection. For me that made the decision making fairly easy as the SALTO XS4 solution was clearly the best product for the job.”

XS4 online and offline smart locks, GEO cylinder locks, control units and emergency exit panic bars from SALTO Systems have now been installed, controlling access on 370 doors around the college in administration areas, offices, classrooms as well as on lifts and gates.

The number of access cards and readers the system can manage is virtually unlimited. The scalable solution uses distributed intelligence in the locks and cards – SALTO’s Virtual Network system - to manage the access control requirements in a secure and easy to use way whilst simultaneously eliminating any potential problems with key control.
The ‘smart’ ID cards build up 'on-card' audit trails through normal use giving complete control over access and enabling the college to track movement of staff and pupils through both the off-line and on-line parts of the system if required. This enables a complete access profile to be established and updated as necessary.

It can also programme cards to allow access to specific rooms or areas within the college for selected periods only, with the doors auto locking at pre-specified times as required. And if key security is breached due to the loss of an access card, it can be instantly deleted from the system without the need or cost of rekeying or changing locks – saving the college time and money.”

Commenting on the success of the installation, SALTO’s Robert Pai says “Security is high on the agenda at Amity College and their upgraded system now gives reassurance to staff as well as pupils and their parents. It is both highly efficient and cost effective, and can grow with the school’s requirements to easily accommodate any extra doors as they become necessary.’

Mesut Ozcan, Operations Manager at Amity College says “Our new access solution now gives us the ability to fully control our campus with none of the costs or problems associated with our previous mechanical key arrangements. Really useful features include its one single button lockdown feature, online control of the doors from anywhere, anytime, its NFC functionality and the ability to audit door openings. The result is that we can secure the most important assets of the college, the pupils and teachers, as well as protecting property and buildings from unauthorised access.”