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Success for SALTO at Detektor International Awards 2015

Detektor award

Friday 20 November 2015

SALTO Systems, the leading provider of stand-alone access control solutions, has received the Innovative Achievement Award in the Access Control category at the 16th Detektor International Awards recently held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sponsored by Detektor International, the global trade magazine for the European and Middle Eastern security market, the awards are designed to reward and encourage research and development within the security technology field. For successful award winners, the prize is confirmation and recognition that their products stand up to the criteria of outstanding innovation and contribute to the advancement of the security industry as a whole. 

 SALTO was recognised for its JustIN technology that was considered one of the most innovative products in the access control category by the Detektor International panel of judges. Lennart Alexandrie, Publisher, Detektor International said 'Innovative in-house designed JustIN apps from SALTO cleverly bring the flexibility of BLE or NFC enabled smartphones to vertical markets in access control solutions.'

Speaking at the international awards ceremony at Sectech Security Exhibition and Conference, Stockholm, Sweden on 11 November 2015 Marc Handels, SALTO CMSO, said recognition in these prestigious awards is important to SALTO: 'With the continuous stream of new technologies entering our lives, SALTO remains fully committed to delivering access control solutions that bring real value to our customers, especially as security needs and expectations continue to evolve.'