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What’s next? Facility access control in a post-COVID world

Tuesday 12 May 2020


The world is entering a turbulent period with the COVID-19 pandemic, and most likely a global recession; both issues presenting their own unique set of challenges. Security, and particularly electronic access control (EAC), have never been more important as the risk landscapes shift and change. The need to implement or upgrade systems using best-in-class technologies for security and efficiency is critical.

Access control needs to be cost-effective and grow with future needs

Economic downturns place considerable scrutiny on operating and capital expenditure. So the challenge for all facility and security managers is not only ensuring they can control and monitor access, but do so cost-effectively. Enter wireless access control.

The market acceptance and adoption of wireless products has increased considerably in recent years, and will accelerate given the current climate. SALTO Systems is the leading manufacturer of wireless access control, and has equipped over five million access points globally, with an estimated 40 million people using SALTO products every day in almost every environment imaginable.

Scott Fraser, Managing Director of SALTO Systems in ANZ: “It’s important to keep up to date with technology developments. If you think that the only solution for access control requires hard wiring every door, or that wireless technologies are not secure, or electronic locks can’t offer the functionality dynamic facilities require - then I challenge you to take another look. This is all before we even start discussing the significant upfront and ongoing cost-savings, and eliminating the headache of managing traditional mechanical key systems.”

Visibility and reporting

With many employees working from home, businesses are at their most vulnerable with assets and merchandise kept at empty premises. Managing the range of risks and responses necessarily involves multiple technologies, including EAC, CCTV, intercoms and alarms. To avoid ‘swivel-chairing’ between systems, and the associated costs of multiple reports, training and errors, it’s important to look for the breadth of integrations supported by any component into a single head-end security platform.  

 “SALTO integrates with 94 head-end platforms globally, both server and cloud-based. Leveraging our integration solutions, the many stakeholders for security management enjoy simpler, automated workflows and increased visibility through a common management platform; all the more important when there is a reduced presence at vulnerable sites.” says Fraser.

Antimicrobial access control

There’s never been such an intense focus on cleanliness in the workplace - not only offices, but hygiene-critical environments found in healthcare, aged care, education and food preparation. Microbes are easily transferred from door-to-door, turning handles into veritable petri dishes that incubate and distribute bacteria to anybody that comes into contact with the device next.

SALTO solves this problem with BioCote®, a surface coating that significantly reduces the level of microbes on SALTO locks by up to 99.99%. The finish is long-lasting and maintains its antimicrobial performance over the expected lifetime of the escutcheon.

No one knows what a post-COVID-19 world will look like, but those managing security know that the key to success is being prepared. Choose an access control system that can evolve and expand to fit your needs, both now and in an uncertain future. SALTO Systems continues to work at full capacity during this disruptive period as many facilities consider this the perfect time to complete upgrades.