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Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council closer to being a ‘Keyless Council’

Monday 17 February 2020


Nestled in the Southern Tablelands region of New South Wales, Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council (QPRC) is one of NSW’s fastest growing regional areas. With a footprint of 5,319km2 and a population of 60,190, QPRC enjoys close proximity to state and federal government, a highly educated population and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

QPRC was formed in May 2016 through a merger of former Queanbeyan City and Palerang councils. One of the aspirations for QPRC is to be a ‘smart community’, committed to leveraging new technology and smart thinking to deliver benefits in jobs, education, innovation, commerce, and liveability.


Risk management implications aside, lost keys and lock replacements were placing a considerable financial burden on QPRC. Keys can, and had been, duplicated over the years posing a serious security breach. A concern for Council properties was also vandalism and its associated costs. QPRC needed to better control these incidents by preventing unauthorised key access to locations. “We realised we needed a more versatile and cost-effective way to regulate access and entry to and within our Council facilities,” said Steven Trubuhovich, Security Team Leader at QPRC.


With great support provided by the CSD Canberra team, QPRC selected and implemented the SALTO XS4 SHIP networked locking solution to provide security for Council facilities. As well as integrating with the incumbent Inner Range Integriti Professional security software, SALTO was easy to install across Council sites which included a fire control centre, community centre, main Council depot and Queanbeyan Indoor Sports Centre. There are currently over 86 Council-owned doors secured with SALTO with a mix of SALTO wireless offline and wireless online XS4 handle sets, and GEO cylinder locks.

No hard wiring or cabling is needed for SALTO wireless locks. Combined with a great range of features and finishes, the solution makes retrofitting doors fast and easy; whether they be inside, outside or even on regional gates. SALTO’s SVN-Flex function also enables users’ cards to be updated directly at the door when presented to the lock – incredibly convenient for administrators and users alike.

“Council buildings can be in challenging locations sometimes, so it’s fantastic we’re able to choose which doors are update points,” said Trubuhovich. “It’s also gratifying to know that wireless battery-operated systems like SALTO use less energy than traditional wired access control, making them a greener solution.”

The ability to use a common management toolset to administer solutions like Inner Range Integriti Professional makes the task of managing SALTO hardwired, wireless online and wireless offline locks convenient and simple.


With the implementation of SALTO, QPRC is now able to control who has access to its Council properties and when, with a full audit trail available for every door. Council has also seen a significant reduction in key replacement costs. Card replacements are easier to manage too, with SALTO providing greater flexibility when issuing and receiving access rights wirelessly to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled access points.

“The SALTO XS4 SHIP integration with Inner Range Integriti is the most effective keyless entry solution I’ve seen. My advice to other councils: see your day change for the better if you’re looking to implement this system. Far less broken keys, lost keys, keys not working and, with the click of a button, removal of a card that isn’t returned. That’s peace of mind,” said Trubuhovich. “SALTO electronic locking solutions have strengthened our security and brought us closer to being a ‘Keyless Council’.”


SALTO Solution

  • SALTO SVN data on card solution
  • CU Online, XS4 Online BLUEnet RF, XS4 Panic Bar, GEO Cylinder
  • Customer: Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council (QPRC)
  • Location: New South Wales
  • Industry: Government council
  • Website:

Customer Results

  • Increased security and enhanced risk management
  • Reduction in lost key and lock replacement costs
  • Greater visibility and flexibility in managing access control rights across locations and users

Why Choose SALTO

  • Proven worldwide expertise and technology implementations within public administration buildings such as town and city council facilities, parliaments, military bases, police stations and court facilities
  • Broad range of electronic locks suitable for all types of doors
  • With no hard wiring needed, SALTO is a greener solution that is easy to retrofit