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Smart access on campus for University of Oxford College

For many young people, further education is their first experience of looking after themselves and living away from home. It is vital therefore that the security system installed must provide complete and reliable protection to ensure their safety at all times.

One higher education environment where this is in place is Mansfield College, Oxford, UK. One of the youngest and smallest of the University of Oxford’s 39 colleges, having been founded in 1838, it has installed an electronic access control system from SALTO.

“With several other colleges at the university already using SALTO for their access control requirements we wanted to upgrade our own levels of security protection and so decided to evaluate the technology for our own use” said Mansfield College Head of Maintenance Tony Berezny.

“Having done this and found it offered pretty much everything we were looking for, we decided to introduce the system in Mansfield College starting with just our external doors initially to see how users would adapt to it as it is quite different to our previous conventional keyed product.”

“The system was very quickly embraced by both students and staff at the college and the installation has already been expanded to include bedrooms in the student accommodation block and also to individual office doors, giving total control over a wide range of doors in a mixture of on-line and off-line formats. These are currently accessed via i-Buttons used by both staff and students at the college” Berezny says.

Ramesh Gurdev, Managing Director, SALTO UK, says: ‘The capability of multi-site growth built into the SALTO solution has been important for the university offering them future compatibility and product durability

Tony Berezny concludes “We have found that SALTO has been fault free from day one and we plan to expand the system on an annual basis as our budget permits.”