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Secure access to learning at the University of Cambridge

When the Support Services Department at Clare College, University of Cambridge, wanted upgrade their access control arrangements as part of a rolling programme of security improvements, the department decided to install a bespoke electronic solution from SALTO to achieve its objectives.

The university needed to allow for access to a range of buildings within the campus and the previous access system at Clare College was a simple proximity based product which had replaced the original mechanical lock and key arrangement. However this was beginning to show its age, both in its limited range of features and by the fact that to add fully on line doors with electronic locks as part of the expansion programme would have required a hard wired solution that would have been prohibitively expensive.

Student, staff and visitor management is crucial for the university and this was the key application for the new access control system. To achieve it a secure solution was needed to control access via entrances to staircases, student hostels, gateways and driveways using standard issue University ID cards. The college, having already taken the decision to move to the more secure Mifare card technology, needed an access system that was compatible with Mifare, was contactless and which could also provide them with everything that a hard wired system would deliver but in a mix of on line and off line stand alone wire free formats and at lower cost too!

The answer was SALTO’s Virtual Network (SVN) technology in the shape of contactless smart card wall readers and control units operating via the college’s Local Area Network (LAN) while the off line readers would use the SALTO SVN.

Peter Johnson of the Support Services department at Clare College said: “It is extremely important that our students, staff and visitors hare kept safe and secure while in the college. With our SALTO access control system this has been achieved.”