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American University Cairo updates access control security

The American University in Cairo (AUC) is using SALTO’s XS4 contactless electronic access control system to provide 24/7 security protection for students and staff.

The region’s premier English-language university, nearly 7,000 undergraduates come from every corner of Egypt and over 100 other countries around the world to study here. Management of such a large number students, staff and visitors is therefore crucial for the university and this was the key application for the access control system. To achieve it a secure solution was needed that could provide everything that a hard wired system would deliver but in a mix of on line and off line stand alone wire free formats.

The answer was SALTO’s XS4 system, and XS4 ANSI door locks now control over 1500 doors across various buildings including student dormitories, classrooms, laboratories and offices. These are integrated with SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) wall readers located in strategic locations throughout the 260 acre new Cairo campus. In addition to these, students and staff use their Mifare enabled ID cards to access elevators and car parks as well as use them to check out books via the university’s library card program.

A very useful function of the SVN system is its departmental operation. This allows each faculty to manage only their own doors and/or users, while certain other doors and users can be simultaneously shared with other faculties.

"As the premier university campus-tailored access control system, the SALTO XS4 solution was ideal for the American University in Cairo" comments Victor Hage, SALTO General Manager Middle East. "Working in consultation with AUC and their team of architects we designed a highly secure and flexible access control system that met all the security requirements of their campus in New Cairo.”